The Master’s Qualifier’s has come to an end, two of the three allocated slots for North America and Europe have been decided. What an exciting conclusion to a Qualifier filled with a variety of picks, rising and falling in favor throughout the series.


Europe still had a lot on the line going into the final weekend, The first set of the day would be between District 69 and Wolves Esports. Wolves had a strong start in the Master’s Qualifiers but have struggled to find wins outside of Interlopers. District 69 weren’t ready to let off the gas, despite clinching LAN already, and took the set 2 games to none.


Interlopers and Burrito would be the second set of the day. This set was a must win if Burrito wanted to force a possible tiebreaker scenario later in the day against D69. Everything looked good for the reigning world champions after a solid 4-0, but Interlopers have been on a hot streak. They took down District 69 in the ESL Go4 cup during the week, and they wouldn’t go down without a fight against Burrito. Interlopers entered game 2 with an interesting composition, but one they were very comfortable with nonetheless. Interlopers forced the game 3 against Burrito. Creativs2 had a bonkaresque performance piloting Sha Lin on Frog Isle and helped Interlopers find the upset against Burrito!


The tale as old as time, Burrito vs D69. This matchup can go either way on any day of the week, but District 69 has been finding themselves on top as of late. Game one we saw Perdo actually take a page out of Doesupz’s book with Tyra the Huntress, on Serpent Beach. Burrito dropped game one on a misstep, fighting near the point, but not on it, failing to force an overtime. Game 2 was extremely entertaining to watch. Picks we haven’t seen in a very long time, Evie, Fernando and Grover all came out to play! District 69 came out on top of the fiesta 4-2 and finish the Master’s qualifiers with perfect 6-0 record.


Interlopers found themselves against Wolves in the final European set of the Master’s qualifiers. And thanks to their win over Burrito, they had the chance to actually steal away the first seed heading into the gauntlet. You could see in Interlopers’ play, the want to take what was theirs. And they got it done, finishing with authority, 4-0 in game 2 to secure third seed in the Master’s Qualifiers, and first seed going into the Gauntlet.


The final standings for Europe are the following

District 69: 6W-0L

Burrito: 3W-3L

Interlopers: 2W-4L

Wolves Esports: 1W-5


Congratulations to District 69 and Burrito for Qualifying for LAN and Good luck to Interlopers and Wolves in the gauntlet.


We headed into North America with identical scenarios as Europe. Astral Authority continued their dominance and took the set extremely quickly with back to back 4-0’s despite Doesupz getting his Tyra taken away in both games.


Eager and AGG had the most on the line for the day, a win here would keep AGG in control of their fate and forcing a Tie Breaker for AGG. But Eager would assert their second seed and spot at LAN with back to back 4-0 wins.


The Third spot this week would pit 1 and 2 against each other, Astral Authority vs Eager. With a win here Eager would force a tie-breaker for first seed at the Master’s LAN. But after losing 4-1, Eager just looked in the mood to have some fun rather than go for the tie-breaker. Stolzey whipped out his famous skye in game 2, but it turns out skye wasn’t the magic bullet to end Astral Authority’s hot streak, and the top seed finish out the Master’s Qualifiers with a perfect record.


The final set of the weekend had the potential to force a tiebreaker. AGG came out strong in game 1 looking to put Panda Global away early, but Z1unkown, with sheer force of will pulled off some huge plays to climb back and take the game away 4-3 in favor of Panda Global. Game 2 on stone keep was just as close! Coming down to a 3-3 scenario but Panda global ancient raged their way to victory and forced the tie-breaker. One last game to determine who would be the final boss of the North American Gauntlet. AGG with their backs against the wall finally were able to find a win, 4-0 in the tiebreaker they would cement their seeding the the gauntlet.


The final standings for North America are the following

Astral Authority: 6W-0L

Team Eager: 4W-2L

Team AGG: 2W-5L

Panda Global: 1W-6L


Congratulations to Astral Authority and Team Eager on making the Master’s LAN and good luck to both AGG and Panda Global in the North American Gauntlet to see who can secure the third and final spot


We can’t forget about our friends down under. Team Kanga, formerly known as Abyss Esports have qualified themselves, not losing a single game throughout their qualifying process. I had the pleasure of casting their finals that were a best of seven series against their rivals, Avant Garde. The first three games went very handily in favor of Kanga, quick 4-0s across the board, and then things got stylish. Kanga pulled out a skye and a Kinessa with some illuminates just for good measure. They finished Avant off despite giving up a point and stamp their tickets to Atlanta with a 4-1 finish.

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