The Master’s LAN put on a fantastic show, with teams representing Brasil, North America, Europe and Latin America, International competition is no longer reserved just for HRX. Consistent clashing of the scenes proved healthy for the scene, as the skill gap between regions continued to close.

Group A

Match 1

District69 made their way through Cube Team 3-0 meeting little resistance on their way through the first round of their group.

Match 2

The second match up between Kanga Esports and Team Eager started with a Kanga win. Eagers drafts tend to differ slightly from the rest of the pack and sometimes we see the inability to agree on the best way to approach the game be their downfall. Kanga toppled Team Eager at HRX and were able prove they haven’t fallen behind whatsoever, and took the set over Eager 3-

Winners Finals

The contest for first place in the group between District 69 and Kanga Esports would push the Australians to their limits. In game 1, Kanga questionably gave both bomb king and Drogoz to D69. Kanga scored the first point on the first map but D69 quickly turned it around and finished the game quickly with the reverse sweep. Kanga tightened up their draft and played extremely well throughout the rest of the set and took the European first seed to 5 games before eventually losing 3-2.

Losers Finals

The losers bracket in Group B pitted Eager and Kanga against each other once more, Eager now had their chance for redemption. This was one of the most exciting sets of the tournament, as both teams were desperate to make it out of the group stages. It would be Kanga that secured their spot in the semifinals after five long games, and we said our goodbyes to Team Eager.

Group B


The wildcard matchup kicked off group B Saturday morning and had a lot of buzz surrounding it. WASD had been running really hot through the weeks leading up to the tournament, and they brought a secret weapon in the form of a substitue; Mutustiina. Defeating AGG in game one despite not having the bomb king boded well for WASD who were able to put the set away quickly in 2 games.

Match 1

Carbon 6 and Nocturns game kicked off group B and had us all scratching our heads after the draft. Nocturns elected not to go for the Bomb King, instead relying on raw aim with Kinessa and Lex. Nocturns shocked the world after capturing the first payload over the reigning world champions Carbon 6. The champs quickly turned things around and restored order to the force with a 3-1 win in the set. Nocturns looked scary and showed they are not far behind and have what it takes to take games off the best teams in the world.

Match 2

WASD and Astral Authority would set an important precedent for the Paladins scene. Just how far ahead of North America is Europe? Astral Authority did something new with their draft, they put Idropbodies on support instead of his traditional carry role. Astral Authority started ramping up trash talk as this set heated up. These teams traded out game for game kill for kill until game 4 on Ice Mines. WASD was able to get the game to a 3-3 scenario and come away with the set 3 games to 1 making a HUGE statement for the strength of the European scene overall. shout out to Mutustiina for his legendary performance coming in as a substitute and competing on the highest level.

Winners Finals 

WASD went on to battle for the top spot in the group against Carbon 6 despite making it into the tournament via the wildcard spot. Carbon 6 was pushed all the way to 5 games by WASD who just barely fell short after a hard fought set. Carbon 6 would take the first seed out of the group and force the rematch between WASD and Astral Authority.

Losers Finals 

Astral Authority was working hard after their first loss to WASD to figure out where they went wrong and correct their mistakes. At this point, WASD had played the most games of anyone in the tournament by a large margin, mental fatigue would test them in this set. Astral Authority moved IDropBodies back onto a carry position and Kusqt back to support for this set and it proved to be worthwhile. Astral Authority kept the North American dream alive and earned themselves a spot in the semifinals with a 3-0 finish against WASD.

AVGL Finals

Davenport vs Rowan. Stacked collegiate teams! Davenport regarded as being the favorite going into this matchup get dethroned! Embarrassed! I put a dollar on Davenport to take it all, but a stellar performance from Z1unknown, shadeyshades and the rest of Rowan put the hype to rest with a 3-0 sweep! It was a really fun set to watch, and we look forward to the bright future for AVGL Paladins.


Semifinal 1

Astral Authority vs District 69 was our first semifinal match up of the day. The two teams would trade out win for win, both teams scrambling to find an answer to beat the Bomb King. District 69 found an answer in their captains Drogoz play, and came away with the set 3-1, ending the hopes for North America to find a major LAN win.

Semifinal 2

Carbon 6 and Kanga Esports would determine our second finalist. Still in the race to find an answer for the king, both teams would try to lean on their drogoz’s as D69 did. These teams traded out win for win as many before them and it would all be decided on Fish Market. Both teams went to comfort picks with backs against the wall, Kinessa for Kanga and Fernando for Carbon 6 the most notable picks in this 5th and final game. Carbon 6 came out with the win when the Bomb king was on their side, and found themselves in the finals against their long time rivals, District 69.

Grand Finals

The tale as old as time. District 69 vs Carbon 6 (formerly Burrito) square off for the top spot at LAN. These two teams go all the way back to start of competitive Paladins, playing each other in the finals of every community event, qualifier, Open bracket ever. The extent to which these teams know, respect, and understand each other games sometimes results in a lot riding on the draft phase to get any advantage possible. Bomb King however, would remain the top selection throughout the series. D69 would need to find a win without the King as they lost the coin toss for the set, meaning they couldn’t afford to trade wins with Carbon 6. They did more than that, they found consecutive wins without the King! The in-game item resilience paid off a big for them and may be have been the critical factor in coming away with the win. District 69 took the set 4-1, much more one-sided than we are used to seeing.

The Master’s LAN was a roaring success and incredibly entertaining to watch. Keep an eye out for details on the next step in Paladins esports, Dreamhack Valencia! The details for that event will be released here on our website later this week. Keep an eye on our Twitter to know exactly when they go live!