The Paladins esports drought is over! The Summer Premiere Qualifiers have kicked off with the open bracket phase of competition. Teams are gunning for the top four spots to make it out of the open bracket and fight for their spot at dreamhack!




Europe has stayed relatively consistent in terms of rosters since the Master’s LAN. Our broadcaster began from the semifinals, where we saw the 1-4 seeded teams from the Master’s LAN make it to this far.


The first matchup we witnessed was between District 69 and Wolves Esports. D69 were the favorites here coming off their win at the Master’s LAN. Wolves have been really hot and cold with their performance, but they did actually defeat D69 during the Week in the ESL GO4 community tournament. Their win during the week gave me high hopes for them going into this weekend, but D69 must’ve worked out the what went wrong on thursday, as they took the set 3-0.


50 shades of Snek (AKA Carbon6 or Burrito) vs WASD sports was the next series up to bat. A couple of notable roster changes to both teams made official since the Master’s LAN. Both teams ended up moving their substitute player to the main roster; Mutustiina for WASD and SunCommander for 50 shades of Snek. WASD came out swinging and took the first game off of Snek on Frog Isle! Each and every game of the series from there on was extremely hard fought and close, but Snek found the next three wins in a row and moved on to face D69 in the finals.


These two rosters have been at the top of Europe for as long as we can remember, but have taken turns at the top throughout their dynasty. As of late however, District69 are starting to pull away from 50 shades of Snek. D69 took all three games pretty convincingly and secure first place this week!


North America


Norht American Paladins is insane right now! Since the Master’s LAN we’ve had teams disband, swap rosters, names, players, you name it. A lot of new challengers appeared to contend for those top four spots, upsetting fan favorite teams along the way! Most notable upset this weekend was by far Impact vs Denial (formerly Eager)  in the second round!


The first set we spectated was Impact vs Iwwa was really exciting because the rosters featured a majority of new names we haven’t seen before! Impact had more veteranship in their roster which may have given them the edge, as they took the set 3-0 albeit a hard fought 3-0.


Astral Authority vs Spooky Sports was up next. Astral hadn’t made any changes during the downtime after the Master’s LAN. Spooky Sports consists of mostly new faces to the spotlight, notable players include Fire, one of the participants of the AVGL collegiate finals. Astral Authority would claim the set 3-0. Spooky Sports have some ground to cover before they have a real chance at Astral Authority, but that’s to be expected with a relatively new roster. As long as Spooky Sports continue to make the semifinals, they can make it out of the Open bracket phase of play.

The finals would pit Impact against Astral Authority, Since Impact was able to 2-0 second seeded Denial, this set would truly test their mettle against the best in NA. Astral Authority quickly displayed their dominance in this set, winning Games 1 & 2 4-0. AA even went so far as to bring out Inara in game 2 on ice mines and still made it work! They would go on to win the third and final game as well, securing their 100 points with ease!

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