On Thursday May 11th 2017 the ESL Go4Paladins Europe Cup held its second May Qualifier, the 9th cup overall to this date, and with 34 check-ins the players were set and ready to compete for a piece of the maximum €400 cash and in-game weekly prize pool!

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In the early rounds of competition we once again saw many new teams rise up to the challenge of this past week’s Go4 Cup. Some here and there beginning to make progress through the bracket with persistence and experience gained paying off, but ultimately with no major upset the rounds saw fast progress through the Best of One stages into the Best of Three quarterfinals.

Even here, we saw 2:0 victories across the board with only one exception; Flash Point Paladins vs WLG managed to push the distance, with Flash Point taking the set 2:1 overall. Whilst WLG did find defeat, to be able to square up against and take a game off of a team that has for some time cemented themselves as one of the top four European teams and at time being able to fight on equal terms with the top two in region, WLG further prove themselves to be a team to watch closely in upcoming competitive events!

The semi finals this week fell equally as swiftly; on the lower side of the bracket WASD Sports found a 2:0 victory over Flash Point Paladins, the Masters LAN EU Wildcard team now having securely placed themselves back in at least the #3 spot in the region based on overall performance.

On the upper side of the bracket Burrito Esports (ex Wolves eSports) faced their old namesake-no-longer of 50 Shades of SNEK. A spicy matchup certainly, and one which viewers and commentators alike found a great deal of entertainment from! Ultimately it was SNEK who triumphed 2:0 in this set demonstrating uncharacteristically aggressive play especially on their second map of Serpent Beach. Aerial Assault Ruckus allowed Bonkar to rapidly traverse the map’s elevation and play the frontliner more in a similar vein to a flanker, whilst Thiel’s unmitigated Fernando spearheaded a savage charge to break up Burrito on every point capture, with clutch immortal timings allowing their team to retain high ground advantages and ultimately sweep their opponents away.

This week’s finals then came to a close with 50 Shades of SNEK vs WASD Sports, and whilst the set started off strong with SNEK decisively taking the win on the first map of Brightmarsh, WASD Sports were forced to forfeit the remainder of the tournament due to being unable to field a full roster.

The bronze match was a different story however, with the Best of Five set between Burrito and Flash Point going the distance to the full five games with Flash Point finishing on top overall with a 3:2 set victory! Competition is certainly tightening up within the European region, and with only one more week remaining of Go4Paladins Competition before the May Monthly Finals, next week’s events will likely hold serious implications as to the seeding of the finals based on the participating teams’ Go4 Points.

Your May Week 2 Standings are as follows:

  1. WASD Sports – 175 points
  2. Flash Point Paladins – 120 points
  3. Burrito Esports – 115 points
  4. 50 Shades of SNEK – 100 points
  5. WLG – 50 points
  6. B@LTIKA 5 – 50 points
  7. District 69 – 40 points
  8. QAZWSX – 30 points

A full list of the May Standings can be found here.

The ESL Go4Paladins Europe Cup series is a repeating monthly circuit of Qualifier Cups every Thursday, concluding in a Monthly Finals on the last Thursday of each month with the top 8 teams by cumulative points from the month in question facing off for a guaranteed prize pool of  €500! Visit esl.pm/PaladinsESL  for information on how to sign up, upcoming cups for both the EU and NA regions, and all future ESL Paladins announcements!

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