We’re over halfway here in the Open Qualifiers on the Path to the Premiere! Week two has come and gone. Europe has stayed relatively consistent, while North America’s top 4 spots are all but secure




Kicking things off in Europe on Saturday. We had the pleasure of spectating Burrito vs District69. While this may sound familiar, it is not the matchup that immediately comes to mind for most of you OG paladins fans. The team formerly known as Wolves have taken up arms under the well known and loved organization Burrito Esports. District 69 took the set 3-0 as we know them to do but they did it in a way we haven’t seen before. Three wildly different draft styles in each game shows that District69 have no intention of letting off the gas despite being at the top of their game right now.


The bottom side of the bracket pitted WASD sports vs 50 shades of snek. Snek came out swinging early and often with a 4-0 victory on Frog Isle, one of their strongest maps. 50 shades of Snek found solace in the performance of their newest main roster member SunCommander. He had a phenomenal set and pushed his team through to the finals against District 69.


Nothing out of the ordinary here as we headed into the finals pitting the two oldest European rosters against each other week in and week out. Frog Isle was a good place to start the series for Snek who have dominated this map in the past. 50 shades of Snek kept the momentum rolling through game 2 on bright marsh with more superb performances. District 69s drafts looked less adventurous in the first two games but on serpent beach in game 3 D69 drafted circles around 50 shades of Snek. A high mobility composition that controlled all the high ground on Serpent beach allowed D69 to coast to an easy win. 50 shades of Snek tightened things back up in their draft and found themselves a solid win to close out the set, taking 1st place for the week and tying D69’s point total!


The top four teams in Europe after week two are the following:

District 69: 160 points

50 Shades of Snek: 160 points

WASD Sports: 80 points

Burrito Esports: 50 points

North America


Top seeded Astral Authority took on Woogly first thing saturday. Ruckus continued to climb in priority alongside Torvald this weekend for AA! Kusqt took iDropbodies place this weekend as a flanker while Vex30 filled in the support spot. Astral Authority didnt appear to be slowed by the role swaps this weekend. The series split 1-1 through the first two games. Astral Authority moved away from the first pick makoa and threw woogly for a loop, defeating them 4-0 on Ice Mines despite the Willo pickup from Woogly. Astral continue on to claim the set 3-1 and move to the finals.


Denial fixed their mistakes from last weekend and made it into the semifinals for week 2 against IWWA. NA took a full diversion from the Makoa meta in this series. Ruckus and Torvald were the priority tanks for Denial on Brightmarsh in game 1. IWWA’s JakeB had a hell of a game with his Viktor under minimal pressure. If it wasn’t for a clutch play late in a 3-3 scenario, IWWA may have found the first game. The next two games Denial drafted stronger and took convincing wins to close out IWWA 3-0.


Denial would move on to meet Astral Authority as they have many times before. Both teams more than ready to draft whatever champion they need to get the edge. Brightmarsh was where game one took place, a map teams are still figuring out as it is brand new to the realm. Astral Authority picked up 3 tanks, including Inara, alongside a Grohk running the totemic ward legendary, and were rewarded for their bravery with a convincing victory! Denial put up a great fight in the remaining two games, but Astral Authority were able to bring them all back in the end and take 1st place for the weekend.


The top four teams in North America after week two are the following.

Astral Authority: 200 points

Impact: 70 points

Denial: 70 points

Iwwa: 65 points

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